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NetStores E-Commerce Components
for NetObjects Fusion


Getting Started

Download the Components

For NetObjects Fusion Version 4.0:

For NetObjects Fusion Version 5.0:

For NetObjects Fusion Version MX:

For NetObjects Fusion Version 7.0:

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    Your online webstore has two parts. The first part is an ordinary website, which contains pages of information and product listings and descriptions from your store. If you do not already have a website, or you wish to have your own domain name, NetStores provides low cost hosting and domain name registration. The second part of your store is hosted at NetStores and contains information on your inventory of products, your orders, and the look and feel of your shopping cart system. Think of NetStores as the cash register and your website as your storefront.

Searching your webstore

    In addition to the standard shopping cart services, NetStores allows your customers to search your inventory of products. The look and feel of the search results are easily configurable to allow you to match your store's aesthetics with the NetStores search results aesthetics. The search results can contain links back to each product listed in the search, as well as thumbnail images and many other features.

Step by step guide to setting up your store

To change your website into a fully functional online webstore, you need to:

Additional Information and help

    The NetStores E-Commerce system is highly configurable and contains many more features than are possible to list here. To get more information on NetStores' E-Commerce system, or to see if we can meet your specific needs, you can contact NetStores and we will help you out.

For additional information, go to the online help at

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