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NetStores E-Commerce Components

Setting up your online webstore


   If you have not already Signed-Up for an account at NetStores, you must first do so before you can set up your store.

   From the Configure Store dialog in NetObjects Fusion, click the "Sign-up For a New Store" button, or go directly to NetStores Signup. If you agree to the terms of service, press the "I Agree Button", and begin setting up your store. If you need step by step instructions through this process, you can go to Step-by-step Help And Download our Quick Start Guide.

Using NetObjects Fusion with your NetStores Account

   Once you have Signed-Up at NetStores and setup your store with your products and preferences, you can integrate your website to use the NetStores E-Commerce system. First, you must download and install the NetStores E-Commerce Components for NetObjects Fusion.

   To Configure your store within NetObjects Fusion, click the "Configure Store" button on any NetStores E-Commerce Component dialog box, type in your Merchant ID and click OK. This adds information about your web store to your configuration for all the NetStores E-Commerce Components.

For additional information, go to the online help at

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