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   For online webstores with a large number of products, it is inefficient to manually enter information for each product. To alleviate this problem, NetStores provides an easy method for keeping track of large numbers of items. Commonly, a store with a large number of items would use a spread sheet or database to keep track of all the products (their SKUs, prices, description, etc.). NetStores is no different.

Keeping your Inventory Synchronized

   To "synchronize" your "official" online store product information with your current products, you "export" a properly formatted copy of your product list to a tab (or other character) delimited file. Then, you upload this file to the NetStores server in the Merchant Administration area on NetStores' website.

Item File format.

   Once your item file is uploaded to the NetStores server, you can sell those products listed in the item file to your customers.

Making your job easier

The NetStores E-commerce Toolkit
Download Our New NetStores E-commerce Toolkit and simply create a unique item file and database for your store. No need for additional software. .

   Additionally, you can keep a copy of your item file locally and use it to simplify the creation of webpages for your online store. By Configuring your store properties in NetObjects Fusion with the appropriate information about your item file, you can easily insert an Add to Cart button to a webpage and merely select the Product Code from a pull-down menu.

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